EASTPAC Endorses Baton Rouge Business Leader Rick Bond for HD-66

Baton Rouge, La. – EASTPAC, a political action committee of the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry (LABI), has announced its endorsement of candidate Rick Bond, a lifelong resident of Baton Rouge, small business owner and philanthropist, in the upcoming House District 66 special election to replace Rep. Hunter Greene in the Louisiana House of Representatives.

“Bond has degrees in economics, political science and law along with experience in the field of real estate. He is an intelligent up and coming conservative leader in the Baton Rouge business community,” Milton Graugnard, chair of EASTPAC said. “Bond’s business background and conservative principles will represent the district admirably.”

“With more than $100 billion in announced new and expanded projects in the pipeline, the latest stats show Louisiana will need over 250,000 workers overall to support the economic explosion,” Brian Landry, executive director of EASTPAC, said. “As a seasoned business owner, we believe Bond understands the opportunity Louisiana’s unprecedented growth presents and will ensure that state policies support sustainable growth.”

“I understand that creating a state where new businesses can relocate and existing ones can thrive is critical to creating good paying jobs for Louisiana families, Bond said. “I’m honored EASTPAC supports my efforts to bring conservative solutions to Baton Rouge.”

In December 2014, EASTPAC endorsed Baton Rouge Metro Councilman Anthony “Buddy” Amoroso in the House District 66 special election as well.

A special election for House District 66 has already been set for Feb. 21, with a runoff if needed on March 28.